Christmas Ideas for Teachers

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If you're anything like me I am already searching for a teacher Christmas gift... each year I try to think of something original and this year is no exception.  The dedication and hard work that my daughters teachers have put in this year is humbling, we are so grateful.  Because of this I think the girls have bounced through the year unscathed, I say 'think' because how do you know for sure?  I know I have lost the plot on many occasions and they are well aware that this Christmas will be a bit different from many others that we have shared with family, but they seem okay about it and I have more time to get creative and put a bit more effort in to the baking!

The teachers have already had my little teacher bracelets on the gift cards at the end of the summer term and so this autumn I have made the gemstone bar bracelets for them, they are a bit more expensive at £10 but I think they are worth it!   I have also made lots of the little mini diffuser bracelets with the original gift cards and a Christmas thank you message as well, I just think they are such a lovely present at £6 and the feedback at the end of summer term was amazing, it spurred me on to make more.  As a busy mum I know it is really lovely to have things done for you so I have bought red Christmas jewellery pouches to pop them into, with a gift tag, so there is nothing to do but gift away!

There are quite a few gemstones to choose from, they all have their own healing properties and I pop a little sticker on the back of the bracelet gift card explaining them.  They can also be used as an essential oil bracelet, again this is explained on the card.  

It's a bit drizzly as I sit here writing this, my perfect day for making diffuser bracelets.  However it is also half term week and I need to do something with the children, yesterday we visited Box Hill and had a mammoth walk, today I feel something a little more sedate would be wonderful, perhaps making a bat mobile for Halloween!  Wish me luck.... 


P.S. all the gift card bracelets can be found on the website under Bracelets - Gift Cards x

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