Mask Holders set the new trend!

Posted by Melissa Sincock on

The end is in sight... so they say, and I say hurrah, vaccine, hurry hurry come our way!  There is no end in sight to the popularity of the face mask necklaces however...  

Back in July time a lovely customer messaged me to ask if I had heard of the current trend of face mask holders, to which I replied that I had no idea what she was talking about, but as I kept forgetting my mask at home or in the car, my ears pricked up.  I did a bit of research and found many sweet, dainty mask holders and many in the United States, but I wanted something a bit more robust and I had a lovely stash of matt acrylic beads lurking around that I thought would be perfect as they were strong but light weight too.  Then, I did my usual, went to bed and had a little tiny brain wave... what if you could add essential oils to the mask holder!  Then you had a super handy necklace, which looks great and helps us not forget our mask, and also not put it on our chins when in and out of shops, but also that smells wonderful!  The design was born and I started making them the next day.  As always a few trial and errors, and there were two designs I liked, one smaller beaded one which had some wooden beads for adding oils, and one 8mm beaded one which had lovely faux suede for adding oils to.  Since July I must have sold hundreds of these to all over the world, and I keep adding new colours.  I think I will stop soon as my positive head is telling me that we won't need masks well into 2021, although they could easily be turned into necklaces or glasses holders.


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