An Apatite for Sun

The latest collection for 2023, full of crystals.  Pairing the stunning teal blue Apatite with the creamy apricot hues of Sunstone, some depth of colour is added with stormy grey Labradorite and pure white Howlite with its graphite flecks highlights the whole collection.  Whilst I have designed them to be worn together, they also look beautiful worn alone.

Every stone is this collection is known for its positive vibes;  Apatite is known for providing guidance in times of confusion, and inspiring positivity.  Sunstone truly is the stone of joy and happiness and is known to assist the wearer in finding the bright side of life, finding light at the end of the tunnel.  Labradorite can provide protection and assist in change, turning negativity into positivity.  Howlite provides a calm and peace presence.