Apatite Crystal Bracelet with Rosewood Beads

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- Description -

This gorgeous bracelet is handmade from Apatite crystal beads, 8mm in size, and Apatite is known for it's healing properties of motivation, concentration and positivity.

It is a really beautiful crystal, glossy and full of different coloured hues in teals and petrol blues.

The wooden beads are rosewood, and it is on these that you can add a few drops of essential oil if you wish, making this a sensory bracelet. You don't need to add oils but if you do you will get a scent of your chosen oil all day and you can replenish the oil as and when you need to.

The moon charm is made from stainless steel plated in 18k gold, and with zirconia pieces.

The bracelet is made on high quality elastic which, if treated well, will last you, just roll the bracelet on and off your wrist and try not to pull at it.

To measure you wrist take a tape measure, and then measure your wrist against the skin, not pulling tight or loose and this will be the right measurement for you, add half and inch if you like a loose fit.