Banded Agate Disc Ring

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- Description -

These rings are gorgeous!  Made from lovely little 4mm beads and set with an Agate natural stone disc measuring around 12mm.  They have lovely hues of black, taupes, creams and greys running through them - each stone is different so please be aware of this as they are natural products.

If you like to forget you have any jewellery on then these are for you, they are weightless, no metal so hypoallergenic, and look amazing stacked up with other rings or on their own.  Also you get all the healing powers of Agate on your finger, what is not to love?

Set quality elastic cord, just roll your ring carefully on and off your finger so that it lasts a long time.  Try not to get it wet and do not wear swimming or in the shower.

- Details -

  • 4mm beads - glass - choose from clear or black
  • Central piece is natural stone Agate
  • Sizing - S/M or M/L

- Gemstone Qualities -

Choose Agate for its soothing and calming properties.