Black Agate Crystal Bracelet

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- Description -

This is a really wearable, gorgeous bracelet, made from this stunning black banded Agate, which has hits of taupe running through it.

I have teamed it up with an 8mm Obsidian crystal bead as well.

Choose Agate for its calming properties. This bracelet will work with your other jewellery, and it looks great stacked up with silver too.

The beads are a dainty 4mm, so it is a fine, delicate piece, which you will hardly know you have on.

The elastic is a premium elastic cord and the knot has been sealed.

- Sizing -

Measure your wrist with a tape measure, go close to the skin and do not leave a gap or pull it really tight, just measure your exact wrist size and order to that, leave half an inch if you like a loose fit.

Try not to pull your jewellery around and slide the bracelet on and off carefully as it is handmade.