Blue Bees - Sodalite with Amazonite Gemstone Stacking Set

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- Description - 

A set of 6 gorgeous blue hued bracelets.  Perfect all together for the wow factor, but also they sit fabulously on their own.

This set includes -

Sodalite Gemstone - a natural crystal bracelet - 8mm beads - with gold plated bee charm.

Sodalite - Diffuser Bracelet with natural 8mm Sodalite crystal beads, 8mm natural Sandalwood beads and a Lava Rock - you can diffuser essential oils on this one.

Ocean - a Diffuser Bracelet with Jade, Anthracite, Lava and Sodalite - all natural raw gemstones in 8mm.

Aventurine Stacking Bracelet - Awash - with a stunning oval Agate centre piece.

Aventurine Simple Stacking Bracelet - the same as Awash with 4mm Aventurine natural gemstone beads.

- Details -

The Crystals - Aventurine, Sodalite, Anthracite, Jade and Lava

Aventurine for Healing – Peace – Compassion

Sodalite for Wisdom – Clarity – Self Love

Jade for Luck – Fortune – Protection

Sizing - Measure your wrist with a tape measure or ribbon against a ruler and add 0.5 inches if you like a looser fit.  Medium is around 6.5-7 inches.

Care - Please take care of your bracelets, they are handmade to last you a long time but please make sure you don't get them wet, and with the elasticated bracelets, roll them on and off your wrist taking care not to pull at them.

Stone detail - the stones are natural and raw, they all differ slightly so please be aware of this.

Packaging - each item is wrapped carefully, I have a commitment to constantly improving our packaging so that it's impact on our environment is minimal.