Botswana Agate Paw Charm Bracelet - Diffuser Bracelet

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- Description -

Botswana Paw is for all the dog lovers out there!  A gold plated paw charm sits with wonderful Botswana Agate beads, Sandalwood beads and a Lava Bead. 

Botswana Agate is the stone of support and comfort. It is known to give strength during difficult times. It offers strength and stability.  It is also very beautiful in an array of soft browns.  A Root Chakra Stone.

Essential Oils can be added to the wooden and lava beads.

Each one comes gift wrapped and with a note on how to use it as an oil diffuser bracelet and with the properties of the gemstone.

- Details - 

Colour - Soft taupe, creams and browns.

Stone - Botswana Agate 8mm

Bead - Sandalwood and Lava 8mm

Adjustable - sits on waxed cotton cord and can be pulled to fit (not in photo)

If you need a different size then please send me a message or email at

Measure your wrist with a tape measure and add half an inch, or a piece of string and then measure this on a ruler and add half an inch to your measurement so that the bracelet sits comfortably for you. If it is for a gift then Medium is usually a standard size to go for or adjustable.

Using Oils - use sparingly on the wooden or lava beads - 1 to 3 drops of your favourite essential oil and allow to dry before wearing, when it has evaporated you can add a different oil.

All items are handmade caringly, please treat as special items so that they last a long time for you.  Slide the elasticated bracelets on and off your hand, and be careful not to pull too hard on them.