Car Stone Oil Diffusers

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These wonderful Lava stone air fresheners have been designed to use in your car but in fact can be hung anywhere you fancy a whiff of loveliness.

I have made them from large 2cm gorgeous flat disc Lava, with a disc semi precious gemstone bead either in grey Agate, deep red Jasper, or white Howlite, and a natural wooden deep cut faceted bead. These are all natural products.

Adding oil - you can add your favourite oils to any of the beads, the Lava rock absorbs the oil the best, I add 2 drops to the Lava rock and let it absorb a bit before hanging up in your car.

They hang on a long waxed cotton cord so there is plenty of length to hang in your car on one of the hooks, I hang mine on my rear view mirror as they look fabulous too!