Clear Quartz Choker Necklace

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- Description -

This necklace is made from a gorgeous raw piece of Smoky Quartz, it is around 1cm wide, and it has a raw cut - please be aware that the edge can be sharp, I wear mine comfortably all day but I want to make you aware that it is a raw cut stone. It is made from pure crystal chunks, they measure around 1cm long and 1cm wide. They are in their natural form. Minimal and beautiful but also very striking.

They are on a waxed cord, the wax is a mineral, vegan friendly wax, and it makes the cord waterproof, but it will wear off with age and leave a soft cord underneath.

Each stone is slightly different in shape.

I have made it with adjustable sliding knots so that you can wear it close to your neck at around 12-13 inches to around 25 inches, it slips over your head and then you can slide the knots to the length you would like to wear it.

Each stone is different as they are natural, and this is what makes them special, but please be aware of this.

I have made it carefully, so you could wear it through summer in and out of water, but the cotton will wear and soften, and it will last a season. If you keep it out of water and take care of it then it will last much longer.

They come on the card displayed with the healing properties detailed.
Each one will come wrapped and ready to gift.