Cocoa Diffuser Oil Bracelet

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The Cocoa bracelet is made with an earthy natural stone bead, each bead has a matt finish and is semi opaque in many beautiful earthy colours.  Set with deep brown rosewood beads and the special lava bead which will absorb aromatherapy oils to give you great feelings all day.

I love how easy these bracelets are to wear, my life is busy and I can just throw them on with no fussy clasps as they are on a see through elasticated cord.  The beads are approximately 8mm, each one is varied in colour as they are all 100% natural.

Wear with denim, a slinky white t-shirt or a snug grey roll neck for a minimal fresh look.

Feeling strung out at work, wear with your favourite aromatherapy oil to chill you out all day, I love ‘women’s balance’ by Neals Yard.

Small 6 Inch

Medium 6.5 Inch

Large 7 Inch

XL 7.5 - 8 Inch