Mini Agate Disc - Gemstone Diffuser Bracelet

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- Description -

This bracelet is made from lovely chocolatey hued Agate crystal, with a 1.5cm Agate disc at the centre, then 6mm Thuja wooden beads either side for adding oils to.  This is a gorgeous everyday diffuser and it looks lovely with some of the creamy toned bracelets in the collection.  It is on a waxed cotton cord.

Agate is known for its calming properties and also destressing and strengthening, it is a root chakra stone.

Essential Oils can be added to the wooden beads.

Each one comes gift wrapped and with a note on how to use it as an oil diffuser bracelet and with the properties of the gemstone.

- Details - 

Colour - Soft chocolate browns with some caramel tones.

Stone - Agate Disc 1.5cm

Using Oils - use sparingly on the wooden beads - 1 to 3 drops of your favourite essential oil and allow to dry before wearing, when it has evaporated you can add a different oil.

Macramé knot adjustable closure - fits most wrist sizes, please try not to get it wet.

All items are handmade caringly, please treat as special items so that they last a long time for you. Slide the elasticated bracelets on and off your hand, and be careful not to pull too hard on them.