Natural Turquoise Bee Bracelet

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- Description -

This bracelet is made from these simply stunning Turquoise beads, and at 8mm they are a lovely substantial bead which just looks lovely on their own or stacked up with others.  These Turquoise beads in 8mm are natural Turquoise and the colours through them vary from soft creams, rich turquoise, light turquoise through to dark browns, they are beautiful.  In between each bead is hand knotted on a high quality German cord, and finished with a macramé knot closure.  Set with a stunning 18k gold plated bee charm, I can also make the bracelet without the charm if you wish, just send me a message.

Choose Turquoise for Calm - Balance - Recovery - it is a Third Eye Chakra stone.

Each one comes gift wrapped and with a note on the properties of the gemstone.

- Details - 

Colour - Deep, rich turquoises, creams, beige, deep browns.

Stone - 8mm natural Turquoise.

Set on premium cord and bracelets will fit 5.5 - 8 inch wrists.

All items are handmade caringly, please treat as special items so that they last a long time for you. Slide the elasticated bracelets on and off your hand, and be careful not to pull too hard on them.

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