Howlite Necklace - Lava Diffuser Necklace

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- Description -

This Diffuser Necklace is made from 4mm white Howlite gemstone beads in a chalky white with a grey streak running through them, and a beautiful 16mm disc in polished Howlite as a centre piece, this necklace comes in three different lengths so that you can wear it almost as a choker or a little longer. At the back of the neck there are Lava beads to which you can add essential oils. If you would like a different size then just get in touch. Use a piece of thread to measure the around your neck to see what length you would prefer then measure the thread on a ruler.

- The Gemstone -

This essential oil necklace is made from Howlite which is a calming stone, known to aid communication and strengthen the memory - a useful stone to assist with meditation. Please note that as these stones are a natural product each one will vary.

- Using Oils -

As an essential oil necklace you can add your favourite oils to the Lava stones at the back. Add 1 or 2 drops to them and allow to dry before wearing. As the scent fades you can re apply, there is no need to wash them, you can put another oil over the previous one. Always use natural oils that you are sure do not contain chemicals in them.