May Birthstone Crystal Bracelet - Moss Agate

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- Description -

These lovely May birthstone bracelets are made in 3 unique styles, choose the one you love the most! All are lovingly handmade to order.

Each one is made from natural Moss Agate in it's undyed, raw state - Moss Agate is one of the birthstones for May.

Just Moss Agate - made from 3 lovely chunky pieces of crystal, around 0.8mm wide, and set on an olive green German cord, with a handmade macramé knot closure. The cord is fine but strong - £4.45

Tiny Moss Agate - 3 lovely Moss Agate beads which are 6mm in size, set on the olive green cord with sliding knots to open and close the bracelet - this is a gorgeous dainty bracelet, you might need a little help to get it on but once it is on it is on, and I wear mine everyday (ps I do wear it in the shower as well) - £3.25

Oil Diffuser Bracelet - I love to wear essential oils with my jewellery, and with this bracelet you have rosewood beads set with an Moss Agate bead which is 8mm wide, and you can add one drop of essential oil to these wooden beads and carry the benefits of it with you all day - this is described on the card that it comes with - £3.50

Please try not to get your jewellery wet, and moisturisers etc. might discolour the cord.

Natural stones will vary slightly as well, so please be aware of this.

Each bracelet will come on it's card as pictured, and gift wrapped with a nod to easy recyclable packaging.