Malaysian Jade Crystal Mala Diffuser Necklace

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- Description -

This necklace is made from 108 Malaysian Jade beads in a soft steel blue, with some Jade interspersed, the bead quality is beautiful and it can be used as a Mala necklace.  It also has a set of Rosewood beads amongst the Jade and you can add essential oils to these beads which will smell amazing throughout the day.

The beads are made from natural Malaysian Jade gemstone and Rosewood, and they are 6mm in size - so this one is finer and more delicate than my 8mm Mala necklaces.

The beautiful main charm is Clear Quartz and is supported by a gold plated hoop, this is a great alternative to the classic tasselled Mala as it is much easier to keep clean and gorgeous.  

The necklace is set on a high quality German cord, and it is 12-14 inches long, it is slightly adjustable with a macramé knot closure.

- Details -

Gemstone - raw Malaysian Jade, Jade, Rosewood and Clear Quartz

Length - 12-14 inches

Cord - Blue

Care - please try not to get your necklace wet

Using oils - pure essential oils can be added to the wooden beads, add 1 or 2 drops to each set of wooden beads and carry your oils with you every day.