Onyx Lariat Necklace - Oil Diffuser Necklace

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- Description -

This diffuser necklace can be worn layered with other necklaces or on its own it is beautiful. This stone is Onyx, rich black, it is a stunning stone. This one is a rondelle shape which is faceted. Six rondelles sit on a mouldable wire with silver detail. The faux suede length is adjustable so that you can choose what length you would prefer to wear your necklace. This wonderful suede has the ability to take essential oils and hold on to the scent for days and sometimes longer. Just add one or two drops of essential oil to the suede and it will last a few days. I put mine at the back of the neck area so that the oils don't get on to my clothes.

This is an adjustable necklace, you can see from the photo that you can adjust it using the bead to make it longer or shorter depending on what you are wearing.

- The Gemstone -

This essential oil necklace is made from Onyx which is known to give the wearer self-confidence, strength and the ability to persevere.

- Using Oils -

Your necklace can be worn alone of course, but you can also add essential oils to the faux suede, it will not discolour it. Just add 2 or 3 drops to the back area of the necklace and allow to dry, initially the suede will darken but then return to its usual hue. I would only use oils that are of high quality and that do not contain chemicals of any sort.

It is really gorgeous to take your oils with you in this way, wearing them everyday and a much more natural alternative to other scents we might use.