Hayle - Anthracite and Rosewood Diffuser Bracelet

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- Description -

Handmade, this lovely bracelet has been made from solid gemstone Anthracite beads, in a lovely graphite grey, each bead is 6mm.

Anthracite is known to offer support, grounding and positive thoughts.
The wooden beads are made of rosewood and you can add essential oil to this if you wish.

Using as an oil diffuser bracelet -

Using essential oils every day is fantastic, as they carry so many benefits, and you can add them to the rosewood beads on these bracelets. You can add one or two drops of essential oil to the wooden beads on this bracelet and carry the scent and goodness of oils with you each day.

Sizing - you can have an adjustable version on cotton waxed cord with a macrame knot or an elasticated version...

Take a tape measure and measure your wrist, do not pull tightly or leave loose, measure your exact wrist size and order to this, if you like a much looser fit then add half an inch.

Care -

Each bracelet is handmade to order, so each crystal bead will be slightly different, and this is unique to natural stones.
Roll your bracelet on and off and do not pull on it, the elastic is of high quality, and I seal the knot, but it will not take to being pulled around every day.
It won't matter if you get it splashed with water occasionally, but it will not tolerate this every day.

Each bracelet will arrive carefully packaged in an eco-friendly way.