Mum Crystal Birthday Bracelet

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- Description -

This lovely bracelet has been designed with 3 6mm real crystal beads of your choice. Each crystal has its own healing properties which are set out below and will be shown on the bracelet you choose.

Rose Quartz for Love - Friendship - Harmony
Amethyst for Protect - Balance - Positivity
White Howlite for Calm - Peace - Nurture
Blue Sodalite for Wisdom - Self Love - Clarity
Black Obsidian for Honesty - Protection - Support
Amazonite for Clarity - Creativity - Positivity
Tigers Eye for Focus - De-stress - Protect
Rutilated Quartz for Strength - Achieve - Purify
Lapis Lazuli for Protect - Peace - De-stress
Peridot for Cleanse - Heal - Relax
Smoky Quartz for Grounding - Positivity - De-stress
Dalmatian Jasper for Joy - Protection - Positivity
Aquamarine for Calm - Peace - Friendship
Clear Quartz for Clarity - Cleanse - Energise
Carnelian for Healing - Confidence - Creativity

Sizing - each bracelet is adjustable from around 5.5 - 8 inches.

Cord - the cord is a waxed cord which is fine and delicate but durable. The bracelet is finished with a macramé knot so you can slide it open and then tighten it on the wrist.

The bracelet will come on the card in the photo with a sticker added depicting the properties of the crystal you choose, and in an envelope ready to give.

You can add gift wrapping and a gift tag at the checkout so that it can be sent straight to the receiver if you wish, the gift tag will be hand written.

You can splash your bracelet with water but I would recommend that you don't get it persistently wet.