The Botswana Protection Stack

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My favourite - the Botswana stone set against Citrine and fossilised petrified wood, with Chrysanthemum Agate pendant.

(Please note that this contains a mix of silver and gold tones)

It includes 3 bracelets - 

Petrified Wood Gemstone Bracelet - on 8mm beads with a Chrysanthemum Agate pendant set on silver plate

Citrine Bar Bracelet - set on faux suede and designed to be used with essential oils

Botswana Agate Oil Diffuser Bracelet - with 8mm beads, sandalwood and lava

Botswana Agate is the stone of support and comfort. It is known to give strength during difficult times. It offers strength and stability.  Root Chakra Stone.

Choose from X Small 5.5 inches, Small 6 inches, Medium 6.5 inches, Large 7 inches or 7.5 inches.

They come gift wrapped and ready to love and adore!

Worth £36 separately.