Just Grey - Agate Stack

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A simply lovely stack of 3 Agate bracelets.

Mapped Agate and Howlite Oil Diffuser - with 8mm stone beads and a central Howlite disc piece with lava beads for diffusing oil.

Mapped Agate - Matt finish - Oil Diffuser bracelet - with 8mm beading, including sandalwood and lava.

Agate Stacking Bracelet - 4mm glass beads with with Agate large beads

Agate is known to soothe and calm the mind. It is a wonderful tool for aiding concentration and protecting the wearer.  Crown Chakra Stone.

Choose from X Small 5.5 inches, Small 6 inches, Medium 6.5 inches, Large 7 inches or 7.5 inches.

They come gift wrapped and ready to love and adore!

Worth £29 separately.