Tiny Crystal Anklet

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- Description - 

Set on a high quality German cord, these lovely crystal anklets sit perfectly on your ankle.  They look great worn alone or layered up for all the crystal vibes.  The crystals are all real and have their own natural qualities, have a look at the card they sit on for more details of each one.  

Most of the anklets have 3 - 4mm crystal beads, and the stones are undyed and natural, the following are exceptions:

Rose Quartz - one 6mm crystal

Turquoise - these crystals are turquoise but have been heat treated and tinted to bring out the fabulous colour

Jade - this Honey Jade bead is 6mm

Citrine - these are Citrine chips

Opal - this is on very fine cord as the bead hole is small

Emerald - chips of Emerald, on very fine cord

Each one comes wrapped individually and in a very cute envelope - plastic free.

- Sizing - 

The anklet is made with sliding knots - so they are adjustable to fit most sizes from 7 inches up to around 13 inches.

To fit - slide the knots away from each other, and then pop onto your ankle and slide the knots until it fits perfectly.

- Care -

Try not to get them wet, although I do wear mine every day and in the shower, they will be able to cope with this, but will not last as long.  My estimate if you wear them every day is that they would last around 6 months.