Dainty Crystal Beaded Anklets

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- Description -

These gorgeous crystal anklets are made from pure, natural crystals, and they are a dainty 4mm in size.

Each bead is hand threaded onto a fine waxed cord, which is delicate but durable and is fine if it gets wet.

The crystals are all varied, please remember that as they are a natural stone they all vary in colour, tone and sometimes texture slightly.

The anklets will fit most ankles and extends up to around 12 inches.

Here are some of the known properties of each crystal -

Aventurine for healing, luck and love.
Green Spot Jasper for positivity, healing and joy.
Howlite for calm, peace and nurture.
Agate (pale blue) for calm, balance and strength (this crystal is Agate which has been heat treated)
Dalmatian Jasper for joy, protection and positivity.
Amazonite for clarity, creativity and positivity.
Indian Agate for protection, courage and strength.
Moss Agate for uplifting, balance and healing.
Blue Spot Jasper for mindfulness, calm and courage.
Spider Web Jasper for calm, peace and tranquillity.
Fossilised Stone for protection, support and perseverance.
Agate (Brown Colour Way) for calm, support and balance (this crystal is Agate which has been heat treated)
Red Jasper for de-stress, balance and grounding.
Sodalite for wisdom, self love and clarity.

The anklet will arrive on the card as shown in the photos.

Each anklet is handmade so please treat with care.