Face Mask Holder in Red, Navy or White

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- Description -

These have been so popular - they are just so useful! If like me you don't know what to do with your mask when you are in and out of the shops, or you keep forgetting it in the car... then look no further as you need a mask necklace! Once you have it you will realise just how handy they are.

I have made these ones with 8mm matt acrylic beads, they look really fabulous on, and they sit on a faux suede cord. The suede is left open at the nape of the neck and you can add essential oils to this part so that you can breath in some lovely relaxing scents while you are out and about, I am using Frankincense at the moment.

Just clip it onto your mask and you are away, light to wear and it can double up as a necklace if you fancy.

I have a range of colours available on other listings.

They are handmade and made robustly for you but please bear this in mind and don't pull excessively on them.

Stay safe x