Green Jade and Aventurine Stacking Bracelet

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These lovely stacked bracelets are made from 4mm glass beads, with lovely semi precious gem stones in 8mm.

This listing is for one bracelet - but they look amazing stacked together!

Available in 3 sizes for bracelet. Small 6 inch, Medium 6.5 inch, Large 7 inch.

Ring - one size fits all


Bead Size - 8mm down to 4mm
Colour - Emerald Greens
Other Bead Types - Jade, Copper Aventurine
Thread - Elasticated
Length - 6 inch, 6.5 inch, 7 inch

Please take care of your jewellery - slide it on and off your wrist carefully. Every piece is handmade for you.
Please do not get it wet.