Hot Pink Agate Crystal Bracelet

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- Description -

The perfect stacking bracelet or anklet, small and light to wear with other bracelets but also looks fabulous just on its own. This is for one bracelet or anklet.

Made from very beautiful Agate gemstone, it is a natural crystal and it has been heat treated with this wonderful hot pink colour.
The larger bead is also natural Rose Quartz and this is also a crystal, this is undyed or treated.

Agate stands for Destress, Strength, Calm - so perfect for a friend or a gift to yourself if you need some of this in your life.

You get all the benefits of wearing this crystal against your skin, and if you choose you can add a natural Lava bead to diffuse essential oils on to. The beads are 4mm, the larger bead is the gemstone Rose Quartz and this one is 6mm.

These crystals are in their natural form, they all vary in colour and shade.

They are set on a high quality elasticated cord and knotted well, if you roll them on and off and are careful not to pull on them then they will last.

Lava Bead - add this on if you wish to diffuse oils on your bracelet.

You can get these wet, but try not to repeatedly.

They come gift wrapped as standard.