Indian Agate Charm Bracelet

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- Description -

This stunning bracelet is made from 6mm polished Indian Agate beads in a range of warm hues from forest greens to rusts, it has been hand knotted with a beautiful cord and a gold plated Agate charm.

Agate is known to soothe and calm the mind. It is a wonderful tool for aiding concentration and protecting the wearer.  Crown Chakra Stone.

This bracelet is adjustable and fits up to 8 inch wrists.

Each one comes gift wrapped and with a note about the properties of the gemstone.

- Details - 

Colour - range of deep greens, rusts and ochres

Stone - Indian Agate and Agate

All items are handmade caringly, please treat as special items so that they last a long time for you. Slide the elasticated bracelets on and off your hand, and be careful not to pull too hard on them.  I would also advise that you try not to get them wet.

As they are made from natural stones, each bead is different.