Labradorite & Sunstone Crystal Mala Necklace

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- Description -

I have handmade this wonderful Mala necklace, and hand knotted between each bead. I have made it to last and be treasured.

The beads are natural gemstones, Sunstone, Howlite, Anthracite and a raw Labradorite piece sits at the end of the Mala. The golden beads are gold filled and so much longer lasting than gold plated.

The necklace consists of 108 beads in order to aid meditation for you.

The crystals are known for the following properties -

Sunstone - confidence, optimism, self healing
Labradorite - protection, change, positivity
Howlite - calm, peace, nurture

The necklace measures a long 54cm, and the beads are 8mm wide.

Each one is handmade in our studio in Surrey, UK.

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