Mini Crystal Bracelet on a Card

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- Description -

These bracelets are handmade real crystal bracelets, each one has its own message. Crystals are known to hold certain properties; I have designed these with this in mind.

Each bracelet is made from 3 crystal beads, they are 8mm in size, and they are set on a waxed cord with a macrame knot closure so that they can be taken on and off. They are fully adjustable to fit most wrist sizes from 5.5 - 8 inches. 

You can also choose a custom order and choose 3 crystal beads to go on the cord, the choice of bead can be any of the ones in the photos shown - just add a note as to what 3 beads you would like in the notes section.

Each bracelet arrives on the card as shown, and in a lovely envelope, ready to gift or keep!

Choose from the following:

Anxiety Relief with Agate (destress, strength and calm) and Rose Quartz (positivity, love and harmony)
Hope with Strawberry Quartz (hope, uplifting, anti-anxiety) and Magnesite (calm, peace and relax)
Strength with Obsidian (strength, protect, honesty) and Silkstone (nurture, patience, clarity)
Love & Light with Aventurine (love, luck, healing) and Netstone (balance, peace, strength)
You Can Do This with Amethyst (positivity, protect, balance) and Howlite (calm, peace, nurture)
De-Stress with Agate (de-stress, calm, strength)
Be Yourself with Rhodonite (kindness, love, friendship) and Strawberry Quartz (love, joy, soothe)
Peace and Calm with Aqua Terra Jasper (healing, nurture, peace) and Agate (calming, peace, relax)
Clarity with Amazonite (clarity, creativity, positivity) and Agate (destress, strength, calm)
And Breathe with Spot Jasper (mindfulness, calm, courage) and Aventurine (stability, luck, protection)
Self-Care with Sodalite (self-love, clarity, wisdom) and Howlite (calm, peace, nurture)
Positivity and Joy with Serpentine (positivity, cleanse, heal) and Green Jasper (joy, positivity, calm)
Confidence with Tiger's Eye (courage, confidence, clarity) and Yellow Quartz (stability, confidence, success)

- Care -

The cord is fine but durable, and it can withstand the odd shower... just not every day! The bracelet is handmade, so do bear this in mind when wearing it and try not to snag or catch it.