One Bead Crystal Choker

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- Description -

This gorgeous necklace is minimalist in design, one beautiful natural crystal bead, 10mm in size, sits on a high quality waxed cord.

The cord is delicate but sturdy and I use a macrame knot to help you adjust the necklace to either a choker length or much longer if you prefer.

This necklace is unisex and will fit most people.

Each bead is a natural crystal, the necklace will come on the card as shown and some of the healing properties of each crystal are as follows -

Agate for calm, balance and strength - there are 4 versions - a clear translucent Agate, a cornflower blue Agate, a creamy Agate and a matt frost Grey Agate
Snowflake Obsidian for ground, balance and serenity
Carnelian for healing, confidence and creativity
Fossilised Stone for protection, support and perseverance
Aventurine for healing, luck and love
Druzy Agate for stress relief, peace and love
Maifanite for energy, strength and recovery
Dalmatian Jasper for joy, protection and positivity
Lava Rock - you can add a few drops of essential oil to this one
Spider Web Jasper for calm, peace and tranquillity
Indian Agate for protection, courage and strength
Green Aventurine for healing, luck and love
Howlite for calm, peace and nurture
Obsidian for honesty protection and support
Rose Quartz for love, friendship and harmony
Anthracite for peace, grounding and positive thoughts
Amethyst for protection, positivity and balance
Netstone for love, connection and stability
White Jade for clearing the mind, assisting with decision making
Red Jasper for de-stress, balance and grounding
Zebra Jasper for positive thoughts and mood lifting

As each bead is a natural stone they will vary slightly from the photos shown.

Each one is handmade in Surrey.