Peace Crystal Bracelet - Aventurine, Blue Jasper and Agate Crystal Bracelet

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This beautiful bracelet is made from natural crystal beads which are 8mm in size. These beads are natural Aventurine, Agate and Blue Spot Jasper crystals, the wooden beads are rose wood and you can add essential oil to these if you wish.

Each of the crystals are known to have their own properties which are linked to promoting peace and calm. The bracelet comes on the card shown and with the little leaflet which contains the crystal details and how to use the bracelet as an oil diffuser.

Agate is known to promote peace and calm to the wearer.
Aventurine is known to help increase self-love, and facilitate healing.
Blue Spot Jasper is known to provide stability and grounding.

You can also use this bracelet as an essential oil diffuser, which can be amazing for your senses and well being, especially if you use an oil to compliment the bracelet e.g. lavender for sleep. You can use any essential oil on this bracelet, it doesn't come with an oil.

Add 2-3 drops of pure essential oil to the rosewood beads and let the oil absorb in (it will feed the wooden beads and enrich them over time). Feel the gentle scent of our chosen oil through the night and day and as the oil wears off then you can add more as and when you wish.

Sizing - take a tape measure and measure your wrist close to the skin, not tight or loose and this will give you the size you need to order, add half an inch if you like a looser fit. 7 inches is a medium large size if you are wanting to order for a gift.