September Birthstone Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli

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- Description -

These bracelets are made from real Lapis Lazuli, it is in its raw state, a stunning royal blue coloured stone which is the birthstone for September.

This one is made from 3 gorgeous chunks of Lapis Lazuli. Beautiful to wear and also great for the soul!

Lapis gemstone beads are around 5-8mm wide. Each one varies as they are natural.

Sliding macramé knot closure - adjustable bracelet from around 5 inches to 8.5 inches. The knot is handmade tightly to begin with to allow room for it to soften as you wear it.

The quality cord is a high quality German cord in a matching blue colour.

The bracelet will come on the card as shown in the photo.

As this is made with natural stones, each stone will vary.