Sunstone and Moonstone Natural Crystal Bracelet - Rosewood Diffuser Bracelet

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- Description -

Made from two of my most favourite gemstones, Sunstone and Moonstone, this stunning bracelet is made from 6mm sized crystal beads, with rose wood beads on which you can add a few drops of essential oils if you wish to use it as a diffuser bracelet.

The main crystals are a mix of natural Sunstone and Moonstone, the larger star cut bead is 10mm and is made from glass, it compliments the colours in the bracelet.

The beads are set on a high quality elastic which will last if rolled on and off your wrist carefully.

This bracelet can be used with oils to turn it into an oil diffuser bracelet - just add any pure essential oil - 1 or 2 drops - to the rosewood beads and they will diffuse your oils all day for you. The oil also feeds the wood and it looks lovely as it ages. You can find some sample oils on my other listing under 'essential oils'.

Measure your wrist using a tape measure, do not pull it tight or loose as I will account for the space you need, just measure your wrist against the skin.

This bracelet is handmade and will last you a long time if treated with care.