Sunstone Star Charm Beaded Bracelet

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- Description -

This lovely bracelet is made from 8mm natural Sunstone beads. I have hand knotted in between each bead which is a traditional method of making a beaded bracelet and makes it very strong.

Sunstone is known to help its wearer find more happiness and joy in the world around them and its also known to inspire more confidence and optimism in life. It's a really joyful, sunny stone, and its warm colouring reminds you of the sunshine, a beautiful stone to wear and hold.

The charm is made from stainless steel and then plated with 18k gold. It has star effect pattern on it with a little crystal, the charm is around 10mm wide.

It is fully adjustable from around 5.5 - 8 inches in size, and a handmade macrame knot slides to allow you to open and close the bracelet.

The cord is from Germany and is a fine but strong cord with a glossy finish, it is 0.9mm wide.

Handmade in our studio in Surrey.

It is a handmade bracelet and should be treated with care, try not to get it wet.